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Paris Wedding Photographer


Hi, i am Karim and i am a Paris wedding photographer. Your wedding is unique and should look like you. You prepared it during several months and you invited people you love ans cherish. It is certainly the only time in your life that  you will be able to gather so many relatives, friends and family members around you.  Therefore your wedding in a concret imprint of you, your couple and your loved ones and you will write it in the history of your life. Photography aims to make it indelible and to transform it into real memories. My work is to sublimate them and to make them timeless for you.. My experience and your personality then become our main allies to realize an authentic, dynamic and faithful to yourself wedding report. I am specialising in reportage wedding photography with an artistic touch

From the premises of the preparation to the end of the evening, I will – in Paris or anywhere  else –  accompany you on the D-day to make a wedding report in a discreet but also in the most involved possible way. 


My vision and my photographic criteria are constantly evolving, thus I try my best to update my portfolio regularly. It is made up of photos that represent the most my universe and my inspiration of the moment. I want it to be authentic as well as aesthetic. I want it to be real, timeless and above all, I want it to be full of human emotions.

I sometimes modify the selection according to my moods or my experiences. My aim is to show you my current approach of the wedding report from my point of view as much as possible, but also to show you my sensitivity. In my shootings, the human being and his emotions are my absolute priority, thus the composition the light and the scenery are there only to sublimate it.

All photos are reworked before being delivered to you. The light, the contrast, the colors, the backgrounds, everything is sifted and optimized to sublimate at best the wedding report and memories of this day.

Thus, if you get married in Paris or elsewhere in France, if you find yourself in the universe described above, a universe of emotions, feelings, stories, authenticity and reality, do not hesitate to contact me.


Have you defined the style of your wedding ? Are you getting married in the country, in Paris or in another city? In a castle, a hotel, an estate, a restaurant or in a prestigious salon?  Your wedding may be a bohemian one, a country, classic, modern, glamorous, D.I.Y, elegant, retro, romantic, or shabby chic one? No matter what style you are planning, I adapt my work to each wedding and especially to each personality, each desire, each family and each culture.

I offer you a modern and contrasting photo-journalistic approach to your event.  It allows you to transcribe your theme and the style of wedding you have chosen in the photos of your wedding report.  Sometimes depending of the request of the bride and groom, I choose a multi-dominant post-processing. Thus I can rework the photos in a Fine-Art, Fearless, Vintage, Natural, Moody style, a mix of color and black and white or 100% color or 100% B&W. The rendering is authentic, and full of emotion, the shooting is natural and spontaneous.

 I have directed more than 200 wedding documentaries since 2013 in Paris and elsewhere. Each time, I have the amazing chance to discover the wedding ritual according to all cultures and origins. My documentaries are dynamic, lively and full of emotions in order to make you relive your wedding day in the most beautiful way, through photos and with emotion.


My wedding photography is resolutely a type of documentary with a journalistic approach, for Paris, its region but also all the other destinations in the whole world. On the day of the wedding I capture real and authentic moments. In color or in a black and white style, the composition, the light, the human and the emotions are at the center of my attention. My wedding reportage tells your story through precise, rhythmic and complete storytelling. Precious moments, places, details, but also unusual, traditional moments, smiles, emotions are captured discreetly and naturally. My style is a modern one and contrasted with a rigorous work for each photo, during the  shooting but also  post-processing. My aim  is to deliver the most beautiful and timeless photos.


To capture the raw, and emotional moments, I like to work in a discreet and spontaneous way.  Emotions are thus more powerful and smiles  more sincere. The composition and the light are then at the service of an authentic, real and powerful moment. Things happen naturally and wedding photos are taken without any interaction with the photographer – except for group photos-. I chose this journalistic and documentary approach since the beginning of my activity, that is to say more than 8 years ago. Above all, it allows you to be faithful to yourself, to your style, and to enjoy  each second of your wedding day to the fullest. To sum it up, for the photographer, the documentary photo is at the service of a complete storytelling that tells your story in the most beautiful way.

Desde que decidimos planear nuestra boda en enero de 2016 buscamos muchos, muchísimos fotógrafos, ninguno acababa de convencernos puesto que todas las fotos parecían postales en las que hubiese dado igual la pareja retratada. Hasta que encontramos a Karim. Desde que vimos su trabajo supimos que él iba a ser nuestro fotógrafo, pero después de conocerlo nos dimos cuenta de que no podíamos haber escogido mejor. No sólo por su profesionalidad y su evidente habilidad con la cámara sino por su forma de ser y su magia. Para nosotros, ha sido parte de nuestra boda. Y es que es capaz de generar buenos momentos y después captarlos en un instante.
Maria & Manuel

Karim was an excellent photographer, very fun to work with, and made me and my husband feel very much at ease. Even though we do not speak French, he was able to communicate well with us and we received truly extraordinary shots only a few weeks after our photo shoot at the Louvre. Our friends and family loved them, and they were great for Christmas cards and framing around the house. Would highly recommend Karim for your photography needs!

Haley et Thomas

Karim Kheyar is a 5 star photographer. He captures the best of you, your features, your personality and the best of each moment. His pictures are very natural yet extremely professional. He is very passionate, dedicated and fun to work with. Even if you are a model or a little bit shy on camera, he will make sure your pictures are awesome and that you have a good time during the photoshoot. I recommend him 100%.